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October 9, 2009, at 3:06 am — Blogs / /


“Peace and friendship with all mankind is our wisest policy, and I wish we may be permitted to pursue it.” – Thomas Jefferson

Peace. Something we shy away from really – we act as if it’s some goal we want to achieve but our actions never quite match up – we relegate the concept to beauty pageant parody.

Peace. Seems easy enough.

“I wont hit you if you wont hit me. Agreed?” Someone asks no one in particular.

In his short 9 months President Barack Obama has had anything but peace. Between Republican tantrums and their at times fringe stonewall opposition and the tapping foot of the liberal left impatient that in his short 9 months President Barack Obama hasn’t brought about World Peace or even had the decency to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – peace has been far from the Oval Office. Very very far…until now.

President Barack Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Not that winning a Prize from some Norwegian Nobel Committee means fast as lightning world peace – but it does signal an understanding, at least from the thinkers of the world, that there’s something to President Obama’s approach that is different and rare. Something to examine and to emulate, not because it’s popular but because it’s working.

Perhaps talking first and shooting later can work. Maybe neither side has much fight left in them and maybe the people of the world just want their parental leaders to work it out. Give peace a chance for a change.

Amid all the media babble and political news jockeying it’s easy to miss what’s really changed in the world since President Obama took office. The stories of peace are not nearly as interesting as angry right wing citizens at town halls screaming and fighting with the angry left wing citizens at town halls. The stories of peace are not nearly as sensational as spreading and then denouncing the rumors about Death Panels, Birth Certficates and Beer with Cops and Professors. Peace stories are not nearly as interesting as race stories.

So they get missed.

In the last 9 months:

North Korea released two U.S. Journalists,

North Korea then opened it’s border allowing families from the North and South to meet after fifty years of separation,

Cuba wants to talk peace,

Iran’s election proved to put a serious dent in the iron clad Iranian leadership

Russia and the U.S. stood together on sanctions for Iran’s Nuclear mis-steps and deceits – a first for the country formerly the center of the Soviet Union.

Iran now wants to talk,

The United States is out of combat operations in Iraq


President Obama and his administration is attempting to bring the Palestinians and Israeli’s to the peace table once again.

Not all of this is because of President Obama but as the Nobel committee indicated – he’s set a tone and acted as a catalyst for another form of climate change – the global cooling of international tension.

Maybe we can finally take the concept of peace seriously, begin a dialog and act as if it’s a real goal rather than just a safe answer.

Although odd that he wins this prize the same day we’re attacking the moon. But that’s another story…


President Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize according to CNN.



  • Zach

    I didn’t realize they gave Nobel prizes for good intentions! Where’s mine? Look. I think Obama is doing the best he can with a hell of a tough job on all fronts, but he is both the victim of undeserved vitriol from the right, and (yes) the recipient of undeserved and hyperbolic acclaim from the left. A Nobel prize after nine months in office? Is it April first already?

    (P.S. I left a comment two weeks ago on your last post and it still hasn’t posted…what’s the deal?)

  • Zach I wonder if you read my piece really – I agree that this adds pressure on the President to live up to this award and it would have probably been better for him to have won it later in his Presidency but like I laid out above – a lot has changed on the world political stage since his inauguration – he’s been a catalyst for calming the world’s rhetoric.

    Regardless – as I’ve said in a video comment I left on iReport – he’s not getting this solely based on the last 9 months – he’s getting it because of a consistent public position – in 2003 he was against the Iraq war in 2004 he gave a speech calling for an end to partisanship in this country – a speech many credited for launching him into the international spotlight – and the campaign itself lasted over 2 years during which he consistently called for diplomacy over armed retaliation – he won the election mainly on his opposition to the Bush doctrine of preemptive war.

    And like I listed above – the world noticed this consistency even if folks here didn’t.

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