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January 7, 2010, at 5:22 pm — Blogs


I’ve been holding this back since Christmas but…


The best Al Queda has to offer screwed up and blew up his crotch! And people are afraid of this? How can we be truly afraid of an enemy that simply mutilates itself? I am reminded of “The Life of Brian” from the great Python’s, and their Crack Suicide Squad.

Seriously….the Republicans are afraid of a crotch bomber? They were okay with the shoe bomber, Richard Reid – that was simply footwear. It was okay for Bush to wait six days to address the nation about the shoe bomber – shoes are fine, family friendly perhaps, but oh no crotches on the other hand – those are dangerous and we should torture the kid to find out what else he knows! Of course a rational person would think that blowing up your own crotch might be torture enough – even if self-inflicted.

All I can say is if I am forced to take my underwear off at the airport I might never fly commercial again. It’s bad enough I have to take off my shoes. Seriously – people have been hijacking planes since planes started carrying passengers but a few folks try to blow them up while hijacking and now we have to strip to fly.

Imagine flying the friendly drafty skies in your birthday suit, sitting next to strangers. Body odor will be the least of your troubles.

One solution that’s been presented are these “Total Recall” like scanning devices that take some sort of x-ray of you. I hate that idea. It’s a complete violation of privacy not to mention I am concerned about any health side effects that it might present – and I do so want children someday soon.

It is reassuring though to hear a U.S. President hold himself accountable for the mistakes of those subordinate to him. For far too many years we have heard Politicians blaming everyone but themselves – it was a common theme in the Bush administration – as an example not once did they apologize for getting the intel on Iraq wrong- poor Intel that led to the deaths of 4,000 U.S. soldiers. Those times have changed, we have a leader in the White House for once.

I wonder what body part Al Queda will try to blow up next?

By the way – if you’re enemy’s form of combat is to kill himself – just wait – sooner or later you won’t have an enemy.



  • Aaron Kronmiller

    Those times have changed, we have a leader in the White House for once.

    Well yes and no, after living in D.C I learned real quick that it’s always the other guys fault there. I once listened to a gentleman explaining how it was the political and social life of D.C that made Marion Barry snort coke. Now I believe that it was more along the lines of a personal choice. But then again when you listen to most of the congress you can’t help to believe maybe there is some truth to it that one.
    Anyways, yes Obama did take the blame on this one. But only after a year of blaming the past administration for everything that was wrong, even of their miscalculations of the economy. Am I wrong in my thinking of fixing mistakes and moving forward instead of wasting time trying to figure out whom to point the finger at? Now I’m not saying Bush was always right, we all know there were many mistakes and bad decisions made. I am saying though that when Obama said change I thought less finger pointing was one of the changes. Along with less pork, more transparency, more working together, less backroom and sweetheart/ bribe deals. I challenge all that say the buck has stopped with him to research how many times the administration has passed the buck to the past along with how many times these campaign promises have been broken. If you truly do this you’ll see it’s really no change at all. So do I blame them for giving the kool-aid or those who drank it?
    I wonder what body part Al Queda will try to blow up next?

    By the way – if you’re enemy’s form of combat is to kill himself – just wait – sooner or later you won’t have an enemy.

    Yeah but when you figure 1 of our enemies killing himself can kill hundreds or thousands maybe our enemy won’t have any enemies left….

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