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May 26, 2010, at 2:45 pm — Blogs / / / / / / / / / /

Fix it now Mr. President!

The front page of the Huffington Post lately has been screaming about the oil spill. James Carville was quoted on Good Morning America as saying about President Obama: “Man, you got to get down here and take control of this! Put somebody in charge of this thing and get this moving! We’re about to die down here!””

Dylan Ratigan on the Huffington Post decried “Mr. President, Defend America”.

Keith Olbermann has started counting up the days since the oil spill much like he used to count the days since the beginning of the Iraq war.

And the list goes on of people angry about the spill and looking for some action.

And many of these folks are pointing to President Obama to fix this. To stop this leak. To end the devastation in the Gulf. To do the ever elusive “more”.

And it is devastating. Underwater news coverage from ABC showed that the dispersant and the oil have combined to form tiny balls of oil that may, according to their report, be small enough to get into a fishes system and poison it. Some reports have the oil slick moving into the major waters of the Atlantic. Fishing has stopped in many areas. Oil is now in the marsh lands and has hit the coast coating birds and wildlife.

So why hasn’t the President fixed this crisis yet? Why hasn’t he come down to the gulf, gotten on a ship and he himself try to collect the oil or perhaps he himself dive down to the depths of the gulf and cap the leak? Why hasn’t he done that? Is he too busy to save the Gulf? Does he care more about Health Care and the Afghanistan War and the situation on the Korean peninsula more than the Gulf?

How can he even look his children in the eye?

To answer that last one, quite easily, as none of this is his fault and speeches and naval vessels do not invent new methods over night.

The cold hard truth, the reason that Carville, Ratigan, Olbermann and the like are up in arms, the real reason everyone’s upset is…

…this can not be fixed.

We don’t like it when there’s no one to blame and no one to click on a computer tablet to fix a problem. We don’t like it when we’re reminded that we’re not bigger than the planet. We don’t like facing the consequences of our actions.

I type this on a computer made of plastic, sitting in a chair that contains plastic, I’m eating a lunch currently that has food that was shipped over ground by gas powered trucks and even I drive around in a gas powered car. I am addicted to oil and my addiction is killing the planet. And so is yours.

I have for some time been more than a little peeved at the generation that came before mine – the boomers. You see in the 1970’s while I was a child living in the Amazon jungle apparently America was going through a big gas crisis with huge lines and a shortage. And instead of getting off of oil and embracing a host of other technologies the boomers kept their gas guzzlers and doubled down on big oil by consistently electing leaders with strong ties to the oil industry. (notice how quiet the Bush’s and the Cheney’s have been lately?)

And during this entire period no one spent nearly the same energy on counter measures if for some crazy reason any of this oil ever spilled anywhere. Oh we can pump it out but we can not put it back and we seem unable to just clean it up. Probability dictates that this would eventually happen and I suspect probability also dictated that we would blame someone else rather than the real culprit, ourselves.

Now could more be done? No. Sorry. They appear to be doing everything they can to stop the leak – it’s at a depth that is not easy for humans to get to and we do not appear to have the technology to stop it quickly. I doubt even BP for all it’s regulatory missteps and immaturity, I doubt they really want to be losing so much oil – let’s not act like they wanted this to happen.

Now eventually I do think they’ll get it stopped but the oil that spilled, well….it’s not as easily cleaned up. The reality is we can not change that fact. The reality is we put a hole in the earth and it spewed out its decomposed and toxic plant and animal matter and the Gulf is forever changed because of it.

All we can do is try to move forward, past oil, past this immature nonsense and make sure we do not repeat our mistakes. But the damage is done and it is real and not even President Obama can fix it.

And that’s the truth.


1 comment to Fix it now Mr. President!

  • whyohwhy

    personally, I think the administration is doing the right things even if they doing it in such a ultra-stupidly detached manner. it’s gotten so bad that one of B. Clinton’s former advisors D. Morris has resorted to calling him incompetant as a leader publically in the capitol hill magazine the hill (

    At the end of the day BP is a British company. Matter of fact they’re Britain’s largest company. You can’t compel global, publically traded (and overseas) beyond what’s in the current law.

    The administration isnt’ responsible for this problem other than it’s ridiculously lackadaiscal messaging to the public. Incident Commander Thad Allen is I’m sure a 100% competant leader but he’s one of the worst communicators in govt. So you have someone that screams plodding, bureacratic and POTUS that appears to be more interested in other things (vacation being one of them0

    Yet, the response seems to be appropriate and reasonable. I’d much rather have govt. that has no capability to deal with the mess (let’s face it they don’t, can you imagine FEMA dealing with this??? or DHS?) leave it to the professionals than pretend.

    Still, this is turning into a political catastrophe. That has to be laid straight on the altar of the administration and their advisors – simple as that.

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